The Foltin Group is currently known as a market leader in food wholesale and logistics in Hungary.

The Group’s first enterprise – Foltin Ltd – was incorporated in 1989, then in the beginning; it dealt with food retail, wholesale and import. The theoretical and practical experience the enterprise has gained over the years enabled it to continuously broaden the scope of its business, while pinpointing developmental areas, specialization opportunities and innovative enterprises.

Its diverse range of activities covers almost the whole spectrum of food trade. Besides food wholesale, in its 10,000 m2 warehouse it offers warehousing, distribution, logistics and commissioning services as well.

Foltin works as an exclusive Hungarian representative of well-known foreign food manufacturers, manages sales and distribution tasks on its clients' behalf while also making sure that its suppliers' products are available at as many food retailers as possible.

In 2014 Foltin launched its own production of lollipops and other confectionary goods as well under the brand: NAUTY lollipops

As a manufacturer Foltin takes pride in offering not only high quality merchandise (its products only contain 100% natural flavors and coloring agents) to its clients but also in the fact that the it is highly flexible with the production when it comes to serving the needs and the demand of its current and future customers both on the domestic and on the international markets as well.

Foltin as a group and as a manufacturer believes that continuous development is the key to success, while also ensuring that quality of the finished products match the standards demanded by the market and customers in person.

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